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    Rogue is my favourite character since she joined the X-Men (so I don't have to comment on her decisions she made while she was still with the Brotherhood and could be written as a stereotypical villain at times). While I generally support or at least can empathize with her political decisions, there were a few times I really disagreed with her choices, mostly connected to the dysfunctional relationship she allowed herself to fall into with Gambit in the 1990s, back when he was an emotional abuser. Namely:
    - Suddenly becoming a wimp and starting to angst about using her power, and in particular not simply putting to the test Gambit's suggestion that he might be immune to it. Also suddenly starting to angst about her birth name - since nobody had asked about it before, she should either have said "as far as I'm concerned, Rogue is my real name" or just told she was Anna Marie. (These deviations from her previous characterization were plot-mandated, IMO, the writers feeling they had to have something to "balance" Gambit refusing to talk about huge chunks of his past life).
    - Not telling Gambit about having absorbed Bella during the two limited series - or more exactly, only telling him when he was too busy to listen (probably for the same reason).
    - Dumping Joseph for no good reason to return to Remy.
    - Letting Gambit sweet-talk her into having sex with him in chains, in a dungeon they shared with others (also not considering the possibility that said dungeon might be bugged).
    - Leaving Gambit behind to die in Antarctica - he treated her like crap, but that did not mean she suddenly had to give up on her personal code which is against killing (at least that was later explained as her acting out Gambit's self-loathing).

    From a later time:
    While I am okay with Rogue deciding to end her relationship with Magneto amicably, since they ended up in opposing X-factions, I disagree with the reasons Christos Gage gave for ending it. You can't on the one hand have Rogue be strong enough to confront Cyclops and later Wolverine (disobeying his orders) and then have her essentially say that she is afraid of being too weak-willed for a more permanent relationship with Magneto, especially as she had not been shown afraid of confronting him and asserting herself (e. g. in Mumbai).

    So much for my favourite X-character. Maybe I'll later comment on some of my other favourite X-characters...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariwl1 View Post
    When did Rachel forgive him for that?
    The only time I think that was ever mentioned between the two was in X-men: The End which isn't cannon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmegaPower View Post
    The only time I think that was ever mentioned between the two was in X-men: The End which isn't cannon.
    Yeah, even in WatXM, where they're supposed to be working together, it seems kind of a grudge dynamic.


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