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    Default REVIEW: Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps, #14

    The cover for this issue declares an all-new team, title and mission, with Christos Gage, Joshua Dysart and Emanuela Lupacchino making "Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps" #14 good on those promises.

    Full review here.

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    It was a great idea combining the Hard Corps team and Bloodshot into one book. The addition of the Hard Corps characters add so much more depth and story potential to the series now. This is the dream team action book of Valiant for sure. #14 was like an entirely new book - and it was quite a good introduction issue. Bloodshot himself didnt get much airtime but I'm hyped for whats to come and to see the full team really cut loose.
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    "For the four bucks I spent on "Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps" #14, I feel like Valiant Entertainment has earned every penny." Thats exactly how I felt when reading this.

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    This issue was excellent. Palmer may already be a favorite character of mine. I'm interested to see what happens when Bloodshot finds out these guys are from PRS. I also wonder if BS will become the teams "lifeline" with his ability to transmit signals.
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    This was hands down an exceptional read. As Bugsy said Palmer just comes off the page as someone you want to like, respect and I also might add fear....just a bit.
    I can see where the personal lives of our new HC recruits are likely to come into play as part of a narrative. You can almost see Granite's family being held in the balance as Harada uses her in some double agent capacity....or maybe I've just been reading fiction too long and I'm reading way, way too much into things.

    Bloodshot may not have had much panel time but what he had was relevent follow-up to Harbinger Wars while still allowing a new reader to come into the book. This was a great set up, the type I wish had been done in Eternal Warrior #1, good for new & established readers to be able to pick up, get hooked and come back next month.

    Edit: Just went and read the CBR 4o5 star review and this is a statement I'd like to highlight as I felt the same way.
    This isn't a quick read; it's meaty and complex, filled with a compelling plot and diverse characters brought together around it.
    Too often the past 5-8yrs the decompression of storytelling (the big 2 are the most guilty) has meant I can read through an issue in 5-6minutes cause there is so little dialogue, thoughts or narrative/exposition boxes to fill the book. It took me a good 12 or so minutes to read this issue, well done, well played VALIANT!!!
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    Glad everyone else enjoyed this issue, but I was somewhat underwhelmed. Agree that the characterization of the PRS staff and new HARD Corps members were the best part but the plot was very predictable. It was pretty much exactly what I expected after reading the preview. Thats not necessarily bad but it also didn't really hook me. What really got me was that Emanuela Lupacchino's art was much stiffer and blockier than normal. Maybe because someone else inked the issue?

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    Out of all the new valiant titles Harbinger has been my favorite. Well until now. I enjoyed this issue more than the rest of the series and it seems to progressively get better. I'm excited to see what the new direction of this book will take.
    On a side note, the art reminded me of Howard Porter back in his JLA days.
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    Interesting to know how much of it was Dysart and how much Cage? Dysart seems very solid so far, but Gage, imo, has lots of mediocre/bad books under his name so i'm a bit worried how its gonna work when Gage is left on his own.
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    This and Shadowman #10 were the best Valiant issues out this month. Must-haves for anyone.


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