Hello everyone!
Around 9 months ago I set out to parody Star Trek and the Twilight Zone and now I'm proud to announce, And Beyond: The Youtube based atomic age cartoon comedy. Or YBAACC. Catchy, right?
Show: youtube.com/andbeyondshow

I've put SO much time and effort into this and am ready to start some shameless begging for some loyal fans, so if anyone wants to check it out it'd be much appreciated. (Though please don't think this is just spam.ci'm not making any money or anything, this is just me wanting to share my thing.

Anyway, cross Star Trek, the Simpsons, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show and you have a general idea of what this show is like.
It's a satire using the settings of 50s/60s sci-fi to just be really weird.
And, in true Twilight Zone-ey fassion it's never the same story every week.
The show is about the futuristic world of 2024, where spacetravel's a thing (though left to the worst crew ever), morals are loser, and the Solviets are always up to no good.
So, there's three plots:

-The USS Enola Straight is a full fledged Star Trek parody complete with the narcissistic, pickup artist, captain, an asexual alien for his lust interest, a nerd who Actualy drives the ship, an immortal Redshirt who always dies, and Elvis. Yah, he's alive.
-On Earth the East Coast was destroyed in a nuclear war with Russia and the only city left is the domed town of Gaytopia, where everyone is gay. But, in a pretty odious metaphor, this leaves straights open for mocking and persecution. Gotta love irony!
-And blessed on Robert A. Heinlein's "All You Zombies" comes a Californian family of all the same person. This was due to a weird mix of time travel, sex changes, and perversion, to make the ultimate slap in the face to the "traditional" atomic family.

Wow, that was long and kind of dull. It's probably because this has a weirdly in depth mythos for a comedy show, but that's what makes it good! It's good sci-fi, AND good comedy!

The jokes (which have been weirdly lacking from this post) are like that of the Simpsons, Archer, or Monty Python.
They're random, surreal, and sexual, but very funny (not to tute my own horn too much.)
Also, everything is done in this great 50s/60s post war style that I just LOVE working with.

Anyway, this has been my life for over half a year and if this pitch hasn't scared you off yet, check it out. Watch some episodes, watch 'me all. Subscribe, if you feel so inclined. Or not, it's your life.

I look forward to getting some new fans, thank you for reading this, please don't think it's just spam, and enjoy!

Show: youtube.com/andbeyondshow