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    Default REVIEW: Sheltered, #2

    In "Sheltered" #2 by Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas, Victoria and Hailey discover the mass murder of all the adults in Safe Haven, and Lucas' end game starts to go a little wrong.

    Full review here.

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    I guess I could weigh in on the review but a couple of paragraphs in, something struck me. I looked back and sure enough, this is the same reviewer behind Fatale 14 and Courtney Crumrin 10.

    I think Ms.Cheng is over shooting her audience or maybe I have just got an middle aged guy nerd crush on a skilled and insightful reviewer that drops concepts like "central conceit" and pays close attention to the nuances of mood and setting interplaying with the story and dialogue. I really get a lot out of her thinking process in her approach to comics as much as her opinion and rating.

    So keep it up Ms. Cheng. I love your stuff and am now going back and reading your reviews on books for which I could give a rat's butt.
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    Default Thanks!

    Hi Brave Sir Robbin (love the Monty Python reference),

    I remember your comments about Courtney Crumrin! Thanks for reading and for your words of praise.

    Jennifer Cheng


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