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    Default Shelf Life - Aug 8, 2013

    Full article here.

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    Mignola did a alien book?

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    Yes, he did! Go! Hunt it down now! It's well worth the effort. The whole team is a murderer's row of talent!

    On the money on every one in the list, Ron! But how did you leave Marvel Fanfare #47 off the list? Hulk and Spiderman! Sweet Mantlo story and Golden handling all the art!

    Or the GI Joe yearbook #2! Well, that might be just on the art side... but still!

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    I would kill for an Aliens book by a top creative team
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    It's AMAZING how many of these I have (and have LOVED for many a year).
    It's ALSO even MORE AMAZING that Kevin Nowlan is on a multitude of these.
    Well, not so amazing since he's so awesome (and especially back in the 1980's-90's).

    However, two others that I'm surprised weren't on the list were:

    DOCTOR STRANGE # 57 (Terry Austin inks over Kevin Nowlan's pencils - among his very FIRST pro work and he knocks it so far out of the park that it's among the most well drawn issues of Doctor Strange - ever. [and"homaged" almost as much as Golden's issue # 55])

    DOCTOR STRANGEFATE # 1 (Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez pencils and Kevin Nowlan [what, HIM AGAIN?!?] inks) for a RON MARZ story!
    (Now Mr Marz is going to kick himself for forgetting THAT one, at least.)

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    Fantastic list! I have (and love) eight of those; I'll have to hunt down the remaining four and check 'em out. Legends of the Dark Knight #54 is one of the handful of "sampler" issues I loan to people who want to start reading comics.

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    I have none of these, and I've never heard of most. I love one-shot recommendations, so thank you very much!

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    The one book that inspired me to want to create comics as a kid that seems to meet your criteria is Larry Hama's silent issue of GI Joe (issue 11 if I recall correctly). Not only does it raise the title above the ruck and run of licensed books in one fell blow it's also a really bold experiment in an era where comics were still considered kid's stuff and Chris Claremont was the most successful writer in the field (I love Chris Claremont but man does he use a lot of dialog!)

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    Why, I have all of those except this one: Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1.

    i didn't know I even own a copy of Legends of the DC Universe #6 till now.

    All these titles listed are fantastic and still fun to read and reread.

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    The Kevin Nowlan MAN-BAT story from Secret Origins is also one of those! And, again Nowlan.

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    100 Bullets # 41 Graves, is a masterpiece of construction with a fantastic ending. It's the primer for the whole thing. The elite and the underclass. The thieves who get caught and the thieves who don't.

    The Sandman #18 Dream of a Thousand Cats. It was at this point I got what all the fuss was about after struggling to get past the first two books, which are pretty horrific. The next story was even better #19, A Midsummer's Night Dream, and #50 Ramadan is a world beater, but by this point I was already sold.

    Hellboy, for a single story, the Christmas Special is great, especially the story A Christmas Underground. The Father Christmas cameo was a lovely surprise. Otherwise Box Full of Evil is outstanding, I had the very rare sensation of feeling like I was reading a movie.

    Hawkeye #11, the Pizza Dog Issue. Just ingenious and wonderfully original.

    The Wintermen #4 a day in the life of violent Russian mobsters. Dense, detailed, evocative, and totally original. Career bests from Brett Lewis and John Paul Leon.

    Hellblazer Annual #1, fantastic writing by Jamie Delano, nasty visuals. Classic Hellblazer. The Neil Gaiman/ Dave McKean Hellblazer #27, Hold Me story was a very close second.

    Face by Peter Milligan and Duncan Fegredo is a brilliant one shot Vertigo horror comic, a perfectly twisted tale.

    Strangehaven #16 by Gary Spencer Millidge, is the culmination of everything preceding, beautiful rendered and here the Strangehaven story soars on a pair of wings.

    Nonplayer #1 epic, seismic, unfinished, tantalising...

    I don't know if they are handshake comics, but they are worth reading and at least they're not tired Spandex comics.

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    Agree re: Mignola's Alien, and 100 Bullets. Brilliant stuff.


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