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    Default PREVIEW: Batman: Arkham Unhinged, #16

    Best-selling author Karen Traviss takes the series in a new direction. Set before the start of the Arkham City videogame, "Welcome to the Slough of Despond" explores the political chaos that led to the construction of the new prison gulag and introduces a deadly villain known only as "The Bookbinder."

    Full article here.

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    No thanks. Ordinarily, Arkham Unhinged used to be my favorite Bat-Title, since the "New 52" fiasco, but, only if it serves as a monthly spotlight on a favorite member of the Batman rogues gallery. Other words, incredibly fun place to get my doses of Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, and not so long ago, Talia and Ra's Al Ghul. Still could use some Riddler, but can't get em' all, I suppose. I highly doubt I could care any less about this "Bookbinder" unless it's an alias for an incredibly hot scantily-clad villainess - but I got a feeling it'll probably be just another generic stuffy scary-psycho.

    In other words, thank you for the fun ride, Arkham City-Unhinged, but I think I'm done now. Still looking forward to Batman 66' though, once it hits the stands later this month.

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    It's actually a pretty good story, it definitely creates an interesting villain. With out Derek Fridolfs I wasn't sure if I'd stick around but Karen Traviss did really well. I was sad when the book ended actually as I would have liked to see what else she could do.


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