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    Default PREVIEW: Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, #10

    As Thunderbolt squares off against the Hooded One, he reflects on the dragon that he unleashed upon the world- the very dragon he must now stop from destroying it! Meanwhile, the General is prepared to stop any perceived threat by any means necessary, and Peter Cannon turns to new friends...and an old one.

    Full article here.

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    Just read this and have to say it was a really solid ending to a series that had it's ups and downs. Thunderbolt is able to defeat his adversary, but in a way that leads the latter to reconsider his life and perhaps start down the path of redemption. Can't remember the last time I read that in a superhero book. There's also some really nice moments w/the Dynamite iteration of the Charlton characters they used in the book (tip of the hats to Captain Atom and Nightshade), to round things off. And Lau, as usual, provides stellar art.

    Overall this wound up being an interesting series. It felt a bit like an intellectual version of Iron Fist, w/ a character who was slightly unsympathetic initially but who becomes more so as the series develops. If they revisit this at any point, I'd be willing to check it out.

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    I liked the series. I love the Charlton heroes. I wish it had sold better.

    I did think the book ended a bit weak. I wonder if the ending would have been different if it was not canceled with #10.


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