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    That's horrible! Well, another mystery solved, and now I know what "subscription crease" refers to. I always thought it was the mild bend that might sometimes occur when the mailman curls stuff up to fit it in the mailbox (i.e. not a sharp fold).

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    Yeah I did it as a way to save money but the comic's 90% of the time were mangled up in mail. All were dc comics (man do I miss dc comics!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamYJ View Post
    That is so weird. Did they used to do that with regular magazines too? By the time I was subscribing, they sent them in polybags (not the kind for comic storage) with a card in front and back. One had the address label, the other had another subscription form.
    A friend of mine got his books that way and some still arrived with dings. In the mid 90s I began to order new monthly comics from East Coast Comics at 60% cover and Clyde would send them in a box along with back issues, along with a price list that was about the size of a newspaper page. It was fun to turn a teen and be getting up to 75 comics in the mail with my name on the box.
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    Mid 80s I was stationed in Newport, RI, and the closest comic store was in Providence. Granted, Rhode Island is a small state, but it still was about an hour to get there. Eventually I found out about Glenwood Distributors and started ordering from them on a monthly basis. It was great fun going through the catalog every month and then receiving a big box full of comics. My job at the time was computer support on the Naval War Gaming System at the Newport War College, which was a lot of sitting around waiting for user requests or to do backups, so sometimes I'd just bring my box of comics from Glenwood to work, and read comics between working on jobs. Good times.
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    I did they often came damaged and that drove me crazy. I actually called DC on my own and asked if they could ship them together because they weren't and thought they were quite rude to me so I got my parents to cancel I was only about 13 at the time.

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    Around 1977, an Australian company decided to print their own local copies of the latest issues of Amazing Spider-Man and FF. As a result, the 'proper' Marvel versions of these titles were not distributed here, although most of the other genuine Marvel continued to appear at our newsagents.

    This was an outrage (!) so I duly subscribed to the Marvel versions of Spidey and FF. Each issue took three months to get here, and they were inevitably mangled in the post.

    Still, I remember the excitement of them turning up in the mail.... I used to be able to see my home mailbox from about 100 metres away as I was walking back from school, and could spot a long-awaited comic if there was one holding up the lid.

    Sheesh, we were hard up for entertainment back then!

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    The only subcription I had was for Marvel's Transformers since those were hard to find in LCS and newstands especially when it was nearing it's run, but I was lucky since I managed to get the last few issues including #80 which are fetching high prices today.

    Another cool thing was that I would occasionally get flyers for upcoming conventions and a comic newsletter still after I had cancelled the subcription.


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