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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazard View Post
    Back on topic, I remember some manga pages.. I think they were from Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro with an American that goes.

    "No see, I am an American. I always go to sleep wearing jeans."

    Anyone know what I am talking about?
    In fairness the guy was mind-controlled, IIRC.

    Dammit, whenever someone mentions that manga I remember the total cop-out that X's death was. It made no sense that something like that would kill him given the crap he could shrug off.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Drunkard Kid View Post
    Or Egyptians in the bodies of Japanese people, come to think of it.
    Only Atem, then? Because the Spirit of the Ring is actually part of Zorc and thus probably not Egyptian.
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    IIRC, the Spirit of the Ring was originally a human thief who turned to Zorc after his village was slaughtered by Atem's dad.

    Also, Kaiba kinda counts through reincarnation. And Melvin/Marik via possession, I guess.
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    The best portrayal of a Chinese man in anime is Hei from Darker Than Black

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