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    Default Bring back SLINGERS! Appreciation

    Spider-Man is generally considered a solo act. And yet, many of us love to see him fighting side-by-side with other heroes. Whether it be the brotherly relationship developed between Peter and Ben during the Clone Saga, the friendship between Peter and Hobie Brown, his "workmate" Avenger pals, even simple Marvel Team-Ups - we love seeing Spider-Man and a friend.

    But there was a time, my friends - a time long ago, a time called the "Late 90s," when we first saw glimpses at what it might mean for there to be a team title in the Spider-Universe.

    It was beautiful!

    It was


    Ricochet - Johnny has a murdered mom, a bad relationship with his dad, and mutant powers that allow him to instantly defend himself from danger.

    Prodigy - Ritchie wants to be a hero so bad, but he has anger issues, confidence issues - he has issues, super-strength, and a cape that does... something.

    Hornet - Eddie is a nerd and struggles with people as much as with his disabled arm - until he's given the supersuit that allows him to fly and be free.

    Dusk - Oh, god. How has she come back?! Don't you know what happened to her?

    Four teenagers, given costumes once created by the Amazing Spider-Man by Black Marvel and Mephisto himself.

    Chaos ensues.

    What did you expect would happen?


    There's a lot to talk about.

    Which character was your favorite? Which plot line? What do you miss?

    Maybe most importantly, how could you see it coming back?

    Isn't it time we had a Spider-Group title once again?!

    -Pav, who got back into comics after a long hiatus when he saw Ricochet in a Runaways Vol 2 preview...
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    My favorite was the Hornet, so of course he's the dead one. Poor Eddie.

    Apart from that, I liked Dusk, and I still want to know what her deal was.

    Not that I didn't like Ricochet and Prodigy, too - it was great to see them interact, albeit briefly, in Avengers Academy.

    As far as getting them (or at least 3/4 of them) back together, I almost wonder if we'll see a coalition of Amazing Friends band together against Otto when (if?) his superior secret gets out. The Slingers, the Outlaws, the new Wraith, Alpha...
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    I would love to see some of you more talented message boarders give us some pictures!

    -Pav, who knows he can't do some of the fancy things they do on them there X-boards...
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    I actually had the audacity to ask this at one of the Cup of Joe panels I attended. I liked the book a lot. Granted, I was a young teenager when the title appeared, but I remember it being good. Ricochet was my favorite. Now I gotta find the issues in one of my longboxes and read them.

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    I liked the Slingers & I'd be down for reunion (minus Hornet of course) but in general I like the character progression Prodigy has had since Civil War & would rather like to see him continue to blaze his own trail as a hero (screw ups included) so I wouldn't be too excited for a new slingers ongoing or anything like that...I never really got the feeling reading the book that they'd be able to pull it together as a team long term despite their win against Mephisto in the end.

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    Always had a fondness for Hornet

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    I couldn't really get into this series. I do think the Dusk costume should be used by somebody again, this time for a Spider-man villain.
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