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    Default Batman: Under the Hood ending with Bludhaven?

    So at the end of Under the Hood Vol. 2, Bludhaven is blown up, and Batman doesn't know if Nightwing was there or not. Is there anywhere where this is continued or do we just assume he's okay? I know this is like a really stupid question because I obviously know that he is alive, I was just wondering if that part of the story is explained anywhere.

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    that ending is actually a tie-in to Infinite Crisis (where Bludhaven gets blown up in issue 3 if i recall correctly). Basically, back then nearly every title DC published tied into the IC/Countdown to IC megastory they were telling, in some way, shape, or form. Good times! So yeah, a number of DC titles tied into the Bludhaven bombing (including Nightwing's own), but IC is prob the first place you'd want to look.

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    I didn't like that ending. First of all, Bludhaven was never before suggested to be that close to Gotham as the final page with the explosion suggested. More importantly, by that point, Nightwing had already left Bludhaven to go undercover with the mob in New York City (though he did return to do some rescuing after the explosion). It was Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain who were both living in Bludhaven during that time after the events of War Games, so Batman should've shown concern for Tim and Cass rather than dick.
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    Thanks! This makes a lot more sense now.


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