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    Wasn't there a mini where a bunch of first reponders got powers when they went to an accident ambulance worker fireman policeman and more....

    Human Torch would be great....I saw some debate about how safe his powers would be...but I read an entry ages ago...he can control and shape his own flames like Sue can with her forcefield and he has a limited control of flames he did not create. But yeah complete control of his own flame. He wouldn't even need to flame on he could just walk straight into a burning building and get people out.

    Any character with invulnerablity to flames or harm and strength would be great....Cage, Thing...just give them a fireprooth resperator...they would also be great for accident response.

    Equinox the spider man sometimes villain....the guy who generates fire and Ice...would be awesome...and he has low level strength.

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    Don't know about a hero but Pyro would be a great fireman. You would just have to convince him to save people.

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    I still think you need someone mobile, powerful, and resistant to injury. Nova Prime Richard Rider, would be perfect. I still pavor Spider-Man, though, in that he's done this sort of thing before, in a building collapse Pre-CW story just after he got his "Other" power up.
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