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    Default Shelf Life - Jun 13, 2013

    Just prior to seeing "Man of Steel" on the big screen, Ron talks about his near limitless affection for Superman as a character, including the thrill he felt writing several of his adventures.

    Full article here.

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    cool man
    personally i was more excited for Avengers and Iron Man 3.
    and any X-Men movie.
    also, it was funny knowing how long has editorial mandate been around...
    Comic Book Deaths 2012

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    In a great many ways, Batman and Superman are mirror images of one another. Batman is utterly human; he's actually the pinnacle of human accomplishment. Superman is not human, he is a god among us.
    I just saw the movie and thought it was as good as a Superman movie presented in 2013 could possibly be. I enjoyed Iron Man more, but only because I've always related to Marvel characters more than DC (why hide it?). That being said, I hate when writers crowbar fishy comparisons like the one quoted above.

    Bruce Wayne is a confident, arrogant millionaire who made his own "super powers". Clark Kent was raised as a poor country boy from Kansas whose powers just landed in his own lap. Batman is human, doesn't trust anyone, and his whole M.O. involves keeping the criminal element in check through fear. Superman is an alien who trusts humanity enough to let it forge its own destiny, inspiring it through hope. One is just some guy with toys. The other is, for all intents and purposes, a God.

    No two characters fighting on the same side of the law could possibly be more different. Their civilian identities, their costumed identities, where they came from, what motivates them, how they do things... absolutely nothing about them is similar. They are not mirror images of one another, or even perfect opposites (since the movie reminds us Superman is considered at least partly human at this point, since he was raised as one). They are simply the two most popular fictional characters introduced by a comic book company and for that reason (and that reason alone) keep being paired together.

    Even the Peter Parker / Tony Stark friendship (in the comics) makes more sense than the commercial reasons Superman and Batman are always together. Peter admires Stark's genius from a scientific perspective.

    Other than that, I appreciated discovering the writer's love for the Superman character. That train-saving scene really was every bit as iconic as described, back in the day.
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    Great piece! And both of your Superman stories mentioned were pretty good as far as I remember, editorially mandated or not.


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