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    It isn't surprising that a sequel is in the works already. I knew from the beginning that Man of Steel was going to be a trilogy following the success of The Dark Knight saga. I certainly hope that Snyder will stay faithful to the comics in terms of lore and flare.

    Guillermo Del Toro, Peter Jackson and Tim Burton aren't afraid to put the far flung and fantastic elements on the movie screen but Bryan Singer's Superman was a lot more grounded in "reality" as we know it while Marvel's Thor really did feel like a comic book movie. We need things like Braniac and H'el in Superman live action movies. Christopher Nolan's Batman films were no where near as entertaining in my opinion as was Tim Burton's because Nolan's were so called "realistic". Tim Burton's Batman was very magical and imaginative much like Del Toro's Hellboy and his upcoming Pacific Rim.

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    I guess 2015?


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