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    I was always partial to the Earth-2 design which resembled the 2nd 1941 version but with the outline as a hexagon rather than a pentagon. It might just be the novelty of it compared to the usual symbols. And I'm ashamed to say that other than differences I attributed to art styles, I never noticed the changes from the 1985-1993 symbols. Never registered the change in that upper serif.

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    My favorite is the 1986...followed by 1944 and 1993.

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    2001 design with 1993 colours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stk View Post
    It's fine, but the fact they just continued the same suit texture over the symbol as well looks kind of boring and lazy to me. He has the cuffs and a few accents that don't have the texture. So I'm not sure why they couldn't have done something different for the symbol as well. It's not a deal-killer or anything, I just would have liked it better. Especially since the shield you posted above was the first we saw, and I liked it immediately. Then was disappointed when it turned out that wouldn't be the real MoS shield after all.
    I believe we saw the suit logo before we saw the poster/promotional logo, as the first glimpse we got of the shield was in the first released picture of Henry Cavill as Superman. Personally, I don't care for the grooves and lines and the aged look on the poster S.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Cosmic View Post
    This one. I still hold out hope that one day, we'll see it completely and faithfully rendered in live-action.

    We have, in the live action Superboy series and in the pilot of Lois and Clark. They aren't quite identical though, but it seems to me that they used the official shield and colored the black outline yellow on the Superboy suit (except for the outer outline which was probably just erased altogether) and red for the Lois and Clark shield.

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