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    Default Ultimate Hardcover Collections

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows when we might see some oversized hardcover collections of the newer Ultimate Comics lines.

    Specifically, I'm really hoping Marvel releases an OHC of Jonathan Hickman's Ultimates run. It would be great to have one book that collects the first 12 issues as well as his work on Ultimate Hawkeye, since they take place concurrently.

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    I can see Miles Morales receiving an Omnibus, the latest OHC would be the Spider-Men mini-series. They could always release an Hickman Ultimates OHC/Omnibus to tie-in with the Avengers 2 movie in 2015, but thats a big maybe in my opinion, because there is already plenty of Avengers material to Omni beforehand.
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    Well, there's the DWF/UWS HC that collects UCTU #13-18, UCXM #13-18 and UCSM #13-18, so that's an event consisting of 18 issues. But other than that, no actual Omnibuses have been released for the post-recent-relaunch UC titles.

    Fingers crossed we'll one day get a Brian Wood UCXM Omnibus. Would probably be the UU's best book if it collected Reservation X, Natural Resources and World War X.


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