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    Well it says that the Avengers will be recruiting new members to confront the Builders and we know that Starbrand,Nightmask,Ex Nihilo and Abyss will be alongside the Avengers both in the Avengers book and the Infinity mini so I assume that the 4 of them will be 4 of the possible 6 new recruits, possibly only, just for this storyline,though.

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    So the 4 'small' spots have been filled by Starbrand, Nightmask, Abyss & Ex Nihilo. Who are gonna be the last 2? Thanos and Proxima Midnight?

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    People were speculating the robot thing from the origin bomb for like a hundred pages. Thane was always a suspect too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StuntmanClubs View Post
    -Moondragon: A powerful cosmic character, already with a history with the Avengers, she could add even more diversity to the team, and give them a much needed psychic
    Might be awkward. Last time she was on the team she raped Thor.


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