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    Quote Originally Posted by Psycwave View Post
    They should bring John Blake from the movies and make him the gay Robin if they did. And make him a minority to add that extra oomph!
    Only if they make him the same John Blake who had his report card stolen by the Joker!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico Olvia View Post
    It would hardly come as a surprise to non comic book fans though.

    That Robin is gay is kind of already the consensus.

    And no need to get mad at me, you know that's what people think.
    Gay in the South Park sense of the word, sure. Gay as in homosexual, sure, if you're [figuraive] a complete idiot that can distinguish between an outside joke and canon.
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    Sure, make him half Latino ,Half black and his lover Asian while we're at it. Nothing against having a gay character but forcing this kind of stuff is not the way to go imo. If the next Robin is gay, then by all means thats great


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