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    Default So how are those big green lantern events being collected?

    So I've started reading Geoff Johns run of green lantern. I started all the way back at rebirth and I'm slowly making my way through it. From a trade perspective it seems pretty clear what ones to get and what to leave when it comes to the sinestro war and blackest night. But I'm aware that they've recently done two big events in the green lantern comics, Rise of the third army and the first lantern. How are these two big events being collected? I know they spread over multiple green lantern titles. Is there any info on what trades to pick up for these events in the future?

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    so does no one have any info? I mostly just want to know if they'll each be in one trade or if each of the GL titles will have it's own book that connects into each other.

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    As far as I know, there isn't gonna be a singular trade, dude :(

    But The First Lantern story-line is well-worth tracking down one by one.

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    ah fair enough. I saw a solicit that seems to collect just the green lantern side of third army and wrath. I was hoping they'd take the approach that batman is taking where they have the individual issues in each title's trade while also having one big one for the whole event.

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    If you look back to the pre-New 52 GL TPB schedule, there have been remarkably few books that collected issues from all the various GL series - because each series tends to use the same plot but advance it enough so that you can actually read those titles alone.

    Sinestro Corps and War are the only multi-series collections I can think of; Blackest Night and Brightest Day were more thematic and thus GL and GLCorps could exist seperately, and thus have their own trades. The final collection of Johns' GL collects just his one title, so it looks like the about-to-end Wrath of the 1st Lantern is gonna be collected by the seperate series (and it certainly reads that way).

    It's not often achieveable, but Johns' GL has historically been able to do the kind of multi-title events where you DON'T have to read every issue - if you don't, you'll still be satisfied; and if you do, you'll be overly satisfied.

    It's a decent challenge to see if the new GL crew can achieve that too.

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    rotta at least has a volume that collects from across the gl family

    i think you can also get those same issues and more via their individual titles trades (volume threes) since youre a gl fan though.


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