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    Default REVIEW: Harbinger, #12

    In "Harbinger" #12, Joshua Dysart, Khari Evans and Trevor Hairsine reveal more of the Toyo Harada's past and take the Renegades to Vegas in the present day, bringing the team closer to the center of the "Harbinger Wars" crossover

    Full article here.

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    Huzah! I can totally get behind your review on this issue. Crazy right? At the moment all the other series that I'm reading: Avengers, X-Men, GL, and so on are at most entertaining because they all are leading up to some kind of event that hopefully will be a nice read but I honestly don't expect much at all. The Valiant line, more importantly Harbinger Wars, has been a breath of fresh air since it started. I'm excited for the next book every month and never disappointed. The fact that the backstory to this re-invented company is such an underdog story somehow enhances the whole experience. I have no doubt about their success if they continue with the current level of quality.

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    Loving this book so far but "Evans draws attractive, detailed backgrounds, especially for the casino scenes" is a bit of a stretch, they're clearly photoshopped photos in the casino scenes which is distracting and disappointing since they just don't merge well with the linework of the figures.


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