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    Default PREVIEW: The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #4

    Betty in deadly danger! The great and the good of Hollywood under the control of Otto Rune! And the Rocketeer without the jet-pack he's come to depend upon! And, just when Cliff Secord thought things couldn't get any worse... enter the Dark Lord himself, Sh'oggoth! The thrilling climax... in the grand pulp tradition!

    Full preview here.

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    Been lovin' this series -- really, really well done. Couple of questions though: anyone know who the detective couple is supposed to be (I'm assuming they're supposed to be indirect references to characters like in previous stories with Doc Savage/Hugh Hefner and the Shadow/Jonas)? Also, who's the narrator supposed to be? I've been trying to figure it out but can't.

    *Never mind, apparently the narrator is Groucho Marx.
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    Haven't been crazy about the art, and the whole "fake psychic" thing made for kind of an odd Rocketeer villain. But overall, I was surprised that I did actually enjoy this mini-series. (Much, much better than Cargo of Doom.) I think largely because it actually focused on a story that required Betty to do something other than stand around and argue with Cliff over his jealousy. The way it ended made me wish this was the first arc of an ongoing, because it would have paved the way for Cliff and Betty finally having some growth to their relationship.
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