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    Quote Originally Posted by Brannon View Post
    I've never understood the appeal of Martian Manhunter. The Justice League animated series made him much more likeable, but I've still never been able to generate much interest in the character.
    I'm with you there - It was the "merged" Manhunter of the eighties where he ended up with his psychic detective powers PLUS a bunch of Superman powers all at once that ruined the character for me. (Actually, if someone can do a time-line of MM's soft reboots and power-set changes, I'd love to see it.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by berk View Post
    I have thought about trying that, but so far have put it off: probably because I don't think either spy stories or supernatural stuff like Dracula works all that well in the superhero world. I might still give it a look one of these days though.
    It's not much of a spy story at all. More like old-school superheroics with some interesting twists. (Wisdom has more of the spy element, but even that is more superhero. It also has the coolest Shang-Chi story of the past 25+ years when he battles the Red Dragon of Welsh folklore.) Dracula really worked well in his storyline as he's more of a plotter than fighter, and it's one of the few recent storylines where I was genuinely surprised by how the heroes managed to win.


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