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    I swear, this is like the third or fourth thread with this exact topic I've seen on this forum over the past few months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiamatican View Post
    Agreed. It's been very impersonal. We had the three issues focused on specific individuals - Hyperion, Smasher, Captain Universe - but for the most part, it's been very event-driven, rather than character-driven. It's the same problem I had with Bendis's time on Avengers. Considering Hickman's Fantastic Four/FF was so character-driven, with so much heart, it's extremely disappointing for his Avengers to be about the events, with the majority of the characters really not mattering at all. With a team book, each character should bring something. If you remove or add someone, it should change the team's dynamic, and the feel of the book. You could remove virtually everyone single character from this book, and replace them with just about any other random assortment, and it would be pretty much the same book.
    You know, I've never thought of it that way, but that is exactly right.

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    Some of these topics are hitting up the same subject so I've merged some threads.

    There's also this thread as well which covers similar areas.


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