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    Quote Originally Posted by maczero View Post
    SHIELD was mentioned when Tony was trying to pull together information on the Mandarin.

    We see part of the Avengers film when Tony has a nightmare.

    Killian mentions Thor.

    The kid and Happy both name check the Avengers.

    Several (at least 4) references to the alien invasion in New York.

    Tony jokes that he knows a guy from the 40's (Capt. America shout out).

    I think that's enough to cue the audience in that this is a shared universe with the other films.
    Not to mention the after credits scene revealed that the entire movie was basically Tony talking to Bruce Banner
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    Good outlook for Marvel Studios. Gotta focus on how they are going to bring RDJ back, because it's pretty clear that he's bringing major bank for the studio. $174 mil opening for an Iron Man movie? Yeah, major props to RDJ!
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