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    Wink Happy Free Comic Book Day! ...Here's a free novel about superheroes!

    Hey guys, Happy Free Comic Book Day! A little over a month ago I published a book about superheroes called "Caped: The Burdens of Fate," and until 11:59pm on Sunday, I'll be giving it away for free on Amazon Kindle/Kindle App. Enjoy!

    Just my little gift to all comic lovers! ...Happy Free Comic Book Day!

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    I downloaded it for the Kindle Reader for PC.

    It has no art in it. That aside, the words are all huge. It is not formatted in a manner that is conducive to reading.

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    Hey there, sorry this is so late, I posted this right before work, and just got home.

    I hope I didn't throw you off, it is a novel. Not a graphic novel, just a novel... As for a the format, this is the first time anyone has spoken to me with concerns about it. know about 20 people who have viewed the book, all on different screens (including one who has it on his macbook), and I haven't seen or heard any complaints about the size. I know on my phone there is a way to adjust the font size, have you tried that? I sorry it's not working correctly for you.

    Is anyone else having the same problem, that would absolutely suck.

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    So, I just went to to check the formatting on different systems. I'm not seeing a formatting error, I also redownloaded it on a couple of devices, not seeing a formating error. I hope changing the font size works for you.


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