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    Default Astonishing/Spectacular/All New/Amazing etc differences?

    Hey guys. I'm pretty new to comics and I just started reading a bunch through MDCU. I've noticed there are a lot of different kinds of titles. I'm assuming that all of the Uncanny series takes place together, but what makes them Uncanny as opposed to Amazing or normal? Sorry if this is asked a lot, but I couldn't find it with a search.

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    It's just a way of distinguishing between different concurrent series. Think of it as NCIS versus NCIS: LA, only using an adjective instead of a location. Sometimes they have different casts, sometimes they have different writers, etc.
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    The important thing is figuring out which of the series is the "flagship title", that is to say the arguably-most-important one of the meta-series.

    For X-Men, for years it was Uncanny X-Men, but now All-New X-Men is the flagship (with Uncanny being a close second). The others (Astonishing, X-Treme, Wolverine and the, adjectiveless, etc.) are kind of viewed as being something less than the larger titles (not bad, just less important).

    For Spider-Man, it was Amazing Spider-Man for years, but now Superior Spider-Man is the flagship (with the other series, like Avenging Spider-Man and the upcoming Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, being again somewhat less in terms of status).

    The flagship titles often set the tone for the overall series, while the other titles are slightly different takes of it (different teams, focus on different characters on those teams, etc.) For example, All-New X-Men focuses on the Jean Grey School, mostly from the perspective of the headmasters and higher staff (Wolverine, Kitty, Iceman, Beast, and now Storm) and the O5 that came forward in time. Wolverine and the X-Men is also at the school, but focuses on the students. Astonishing X-Men also features people from the school, but with a focus on other characters (like Gambit, Northstar, and Warbird). Uncanny X-Men is a whole other team, led by Cyclops and featuring Magneto, Emma Frost, and Magik, as well as some new mutants. The flagship title will have larger, more game-changing events. Other titles will need to acknowledge the events of the flagship, though the flagship will not always need to refer to the other series (e.g. the O5 X-Men being in Wolverine and the X-Men, but the events of Wolverine and the X-Men are largely ignored in All-New X-Men).
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    One other point is regarding anything called "Ultimate" or "Ultimate Comics". These are specifically set in another reality (the "Ultimate Marvel" reality, Earth-1610 I think). But all other adjectives, unless otherwise specified, are in the same, mainstream universe (Earth-616).
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