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    Quote Originally Posted by DebkoX View Post
    I'd rather team but GR fans deserve a solo.
    There's a lot of things I think I "deserve", but know I won't be getting them any time soon...

    I think after multiple failed attempts over the past decade, the best Ghost Rider can hope for is a spot in a team book. Preferably one called Midnight Sons.

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    In this day and age, the only way Ghost Rider could hold a book with the half-assed non-Avengers/non-XMen marketing is by having a team book. And that team should be Midnight Sons.

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    With Marvel's current penchant for recycling titles and franchise, they could resurrect the Secret Defenders moniker for this. Doc Strange in role as sorcerer supreme gathers groups of supernatural characters to defend the earth from the horrors it cannot comprehend, with humanity (and the larger hero community) being none the wiser. Have a core cast-Doc, Wong, maybe one or two others, and slowly build and tailor the cast for each arc/threat allowing the book to showcase the different supernatural protagonists, but build a core cast to allow for character development, relationships and interactions that build longer term structure for the series.

    Doc dealing with a vampiric threat, Blade gets called in, other times it might be Ghost Rider, but someone like Elsa Bloodstone could be brought in to the core cast and be developed long term along with Doc.

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    So treat doc strange as a sort of watcher who shows a piece of the more supernatural aspects of marvel earth and sees what sticks in short stories.

    Perhaps call it: Wierd Marvel?

    Yeah I would pull it. :D
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