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    Default REVIEW: Morning Glories, #26

    "Morning Glories" #26 opens up a new set of questions that spins off from existing mysteries in Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma's supernatural suspense ongoing, expanding existing mythology and returning the spotlight to one of the original six students.

    Full review here.

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    Ugh, I really liked this issue but so many more questions, of course. I've never watched Lost so I don't understand the comparisons.

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    "However, just to be clear, "Morning Glories" #26 is also the kind of season opener that requires comprehensive knowledge of the previous season to grasp and to have any emotional investment in what is going on. Even long-time readers will probably need to reread older issues to piece things together."

    Boy howdy! You ain't just whistlin' Dixie, are ya?

    By Page 10 I srsly was just looking at panels going "WTF am I looking at?!" And while I not only do not think each issue has to be written as someone's first and do like how this series has not bothered to play into that trope in the slightest, THIS issue in particular is amazingly obtuse. When does art become so abstract that it becomes incomprehensible? When that happens is it the fault of the audience for not keeping up or being worldly/knowledgeable enough to get it? Or is it the artists job to ensure his vision has enough clarity to give a clue to what is going on? Yeah, I got the basic plot points but that basically is all this issue was - bullet-points on a list. Mind you it's a bullet-point list with beautiful bullet-points, but still it is just that.

    Comic books are called "sequential art" for a reason and while I have loved virtually every issue of this series to date, this one I did not. I don't mind working for my story but when I have to put so much work into it that I'm practically writing it myself then what the hell did I just pay for? By the end I did get the main gist of what was going on but that doesn't negate the esoteric meandering that is stuffed into the first 2/3 of the book. I'm sure once I dig deep into all the nuances of the many references I will think the entire thing makes sense. >IF< I want to work that hard, that is.

    3 stars

    Oh - 100th post!


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