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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaggyB View Post
    What was dans tag line again. The old what weve think will happen wont.

    I was thinking otto was gonna win so.... we shall see.
    then the opposite happens so peter parker will come back because we think doc ock most likely gonna win?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamnYellow View Post
    Sounds like more dignity than he got in 700.
    He got epically screwed by Otto, so I'd agree. Difference is that I find that to be a positive.
    I know Kevin Nichols through a guy that knows a gal. Small world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberHubbs View Post
    Peter is gonnna die in a freak cow-milking accident?
    I've got old episodes of Cow and Chicken running in the back of my mind because of you two...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Thomas View Post
    When Slott said way back when that he was going to have to hide after ASM 700, all he did was plant a seed in our heads that something bad was going to happen. Since then, he and Wacker have used the outrage of the most sensitive readers to promote curiosity from everywhere else. They have been playing the fans ever since, and know exactly which buttons to push. Instead of stepping back and putting the whole situation into perspective, a certain group of readers has remained in a frenzy, leaving themselves open to more comments designed specifically to piss them off. It will continue as long as readers give them an easy target. So if you don't like what they say in a solicit, then don't act how they want you to. Just chill out and see where it goes. It doesn't matter at all anyway. It's just a story.
    This exactly!
    Keaton always said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me are people that think Final Crisis is good.

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    Looking forward to read it.
    Story wise this looks like a must read,and that art by Stegman is great as well.
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    Hey all Im new here.I just hope Peter wins Doc Ock but it seems unlikely. I cant wait to read this issue.


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