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    Quote Originally Posted by Ood Omega View Post
    TBH I'm just glad this story arc is ending.
    I agree. I've been a GL fan since forever and I've been on Johns' run from the beginning and while it's undeniable that he's done great things for the franchise, I've really been kinda bored since the first arc of the new 52. I think it's lame that Hal has sat out most of the climactic ending to like 7 years worth of stories centered on him and I find Baz a bit boring. I'm looking forward to a fresh writer and fresh ideas on the title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comet Man View Post
    Why don't you learn how to read posts?

    He said DC was "going down the toilet."

    And he was serious.
    Thankfully, I possess more reading comprehension than that to read more than those four words because he also that there were four books he still reads from DC which aren't impacted by this. Meaning, EVERYTHING isn't terrible, but the average is.


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