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    If I were to reboot the MU...
    I'd have Tony have been Iron Man for two full years, going on his third
    Steve would have just been unfrozen.
    The X-Men would've just come out onto the public scene.
    The Fantastic Four wouldn't be public yet but they'd be there.
    And Peter would've been Spider-Man for five months, now starting his Junior year.

    I think, unlike other heroes, Peter is best spending most of his time as Spider-Man in school. I'd LOVE for every 100 issues to equal a year in every comic so to keep a standard timeline with the characters actually growing and thriving. The best way to do that is to return them to their roots for a bit or the place they work best. I think Peter works best in high school because he's iconic that way. If you spend enough time at the roots I think you'd have a solid way to move forward.

    100 issues being a year? That'd put Peter in high school for around 200 issues. Then, he'd be in college for another 6 years, bringing that up to about 800 issues of Peter being who we want him to be. Once he's out, though, I'd love for Peter to become an Avenger, get a job at Horizon Labs and become a global hero. I'd say another year of that before commiting to a relationship with Mary Jane leading to the marriage in issue 1000. I'd say another 500 issues of marital growth before Peter's death with him survived by a kid and MJ. That's be cool.
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    The best age for PP for me would have to be college - experienced enough with being a superhero but still learning; old enough to live on his own but still having to study and responsibilities of everyday life; needing money to pay for school and life but no real time to get a real job; old enough to be serious about a relationship but not stable enough in terms of money or balancing life in general to get married - this is the classic Peter Parker for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrellan View Post
    If by "iconic" you mean drawn by Ditko and dating Betty Brant, sure, but John Romita Sr. was the definitive Spidey artist IMO, and Gwen Stacy his iconic girl, and the one he had the most fun with- after all those years were lighter in tone than what came after. Things were more carefree back then. That's why I voted college.
    The most common representation of Peter is him still in high school, ironically dating Mary Jane Watson even though she didn't come into the picture until much later.
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    Adult. And not 25. 30 years old. It's great for the hero to have a wife/husband. They could discuss his/her problems with the villains etc. I mean, the interaction between Peter and MJ was one of stand-out elements that made all those old stories even better.

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    I voted for high school obviously. What's interesting is for Peter to have nobody to talk to.

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    26 with the emotional maturity of a Raisin.

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    College. High school is just too young, and an adult just doesn't leave him in the appropriate age group he should be portrayed as.
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    Adult. Late twenties.
    Peter as a teacher could place him in the high school or college environment any time, but not regress him to that age.
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    To me the best for age Peter Parker actually depends what age I am now! we know the best thing about Peter is that he's a relatable character. So whichever age of the character i'am reading, who also happens to my age as well, then that's the best age for Peter as that's the age when the character is the most relatable. As far as anything goes am a teen right now, so reading stories that often deal with Pete's school problems is the age that I most relate to Peter. But in future terms once I am an young adult, then that's gonna be the best age of Peter as that's when I'll relate to Peter the most depending on which age I am now. To me Peter's best age rather depends at which I am currently. So Right now it's high school, but this is an opinion that'll change over time.
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    Maybe a post-college Peter. Like he's just truly becoming part of the adult world

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    College. Old enough to be a "man" and mature for when it calls, but young enough to still be boyish, immature and brash. Old enough to have been around the block a little, but young enough to not have seen it all (as another poster said). Also, young enough to look at larger than life heroes like Cap with starry eyed idealism, rather than familiarity and jadedness.

    For some reason Spider-Man seems to work for me more when he's on the outside, looking in. He's an anomaly where other heroes wear their identities or their mandates on their sleeves.


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