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    Default Poll: Which DC Character Has The CW's "Arrow" Adapted Best?

    Which DC Character Has The CW's "Arrow" Adapted Best?

    Of all the DC Comics to appear on The CW's "Arrow" to date, which has made the most successful leap from the page to television screen?

    Vote on the poll here.

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    Green Arrow

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    This poll is difficult, as not one of the characters truly resembles his/her comicbook counterpart. Yet the series is pretty damn good regardless.

    Anyway, the only portrayal that has been utterly cringe-inducing has been the Huntress. Sheesh, every episode that features that character has been a genuine stinker.

    The bits on the island are easily the currents that carry this show along. Thus, Slade, Fyers, and Shado would probably be my favorites ... although, again, they're each quite different from their "four color" versions.

    But hey, I voted for Green Arrow. I mean, how could you not?

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    I voted for Deathstroke. Badass. Although I have been genuinely impressed with Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen.

    And I thought the Royal Flush Gang was cleverly adapted for live action. Let's face it, a literal adaptation would've stunk.
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