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    Default REVIEW: Batman Incorporated, #10

    Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, and company begin the endgame in "Batman Incorporated" #10, as Batman assembles tools from multiple sources to create the most unstoppable Batman ever.

    Full review here.

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    Great issue.

    Did anyone else notice the inherent, obvious stupidity in Talia's chess move?
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    WOW - a CBR review that feels measured and considerate. Good job, CBR, it's nice to know I can be surprised every once and a while.

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    As a writer fan, I can appreciate when an art team brings their A game to contribute well to the storytelling beyond standard sequential art tasks. In this issue especially, the art and pacing help to keep the story alive. I say it that way because in less skilled hands this issue would have stunk rather handily because the story itself is not great. I like Morrison a lot but I am not an apologist when I think he is phoning it in and unlike his sparse but compelling work on his Batman and Robin series and Batman, Inc Vol. 1, his second go-round with Batman Incorporated has felt thin almost to the point of being padded.

    To date I have laid a large chunk of that blame at Burnham's feet because, while he is a good artist, I have felt and still do that he is trying to ape Quitely's style but with much less effectiveness. His POVs are boring, I am not sold that he can convey emotions unless a character is screaming, and he has not shown me a good mastery of depth. Coloring hasn't helped as the pallet has been tepid and pastel at times. Maybe it's a fluke I dunno but for some reason those shortcomings were assets in this issue and I was making note while reading of that fact and finding myself surprised that I liked the art as much as I did. I didn't love it but I wasn't taken out of the story by it like I have in the past.

    Back to the story tho - some wretched dialog from Talia for sure even while it finally gave us some meat to her character. I wasn't aware that R'as was alive in the New52 so I found that interesting. Another reviewer complained at Batman's lack of motivation for his stunt at the end and I have to admit on first pass I was annoyed by that as well. Then I remembered how much Morrison has relied on not giving details up front to heighten the drama on what characters are doing - finally getting some details to Talia's motivations 10 issues into the story was a perfect example of giving context to her previous actions well after the fact - and I was OK with waiting. Plus I think Nightwing's comment gives some away some of that undisclosed motivation.

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    Great issue as threads from Morrisons' entire run start to come together.This issue wet my appetite even more for the final four, on personal note I am sad to see it end. I loved Burnhams art as usual, I hope for at least issue 13 there will not be any fill in art.I was also happy to see Ra's Alghul and would love to know what the flaw in Talia's plan he sees is.
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    I get the impression that despite everything Rhas still regards Batman as a true "son." And that Talia's gonna get hers. Art's not my cup of tea, but I can appreciate the technique.


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