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    Quote Originally Posted by T Hedge Coke View Post
    Once we've beaten this issue to death, we'll return to beating later runs on Animal Man.

    Or, we could combine them into a new, aggressive Early Vertigo: WTF? Roger Stern never got this artsy on us! thread.
    Hey, I really like most Roger Stern comics! (For what they are...)

    If I were to boil Vertigo's early failures down to a soundbite, I'd say the problem was "Hey, we have creators with something to say!" without making sure that they could actually say it. Pollack's in that crew, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanboyStranger View Post
    Hey, I really like most Roger Stern comics! (For what they are...)
    I like some Roger Stern comics, too. Just using him for contrast, not a value judgment.

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    I've read the entire volume and found it pretty enjoyable. It's the right amount of fun and weird. Tom Veitch's starts with issue #33 and ends with issue #50. If you like the beginning of it I recommend reading the rest. Jamie Delano's run (issues #51 - #79) is also good. Jerry Prosser finishes out the series and writes a pretty satisfying ending.
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