The article falls into the trap of forgetting that the Nolan-verse Batman/Bruce Wayne is not a 100% loyal depiction of every detail from the comicbooks.
However right it may be that the comic Batman wouldn't do A, B or C to character X, Y and Z, the Nolan-verse Batman will. Which I am pretty certain was established when he allowed Ra's to go up in flames at the end of Begins.

On the point of Bane, yes it was pretty annoying sitting in the theatre as a reader and thinking that Bane hadn't been all that. That said, as the article points out, we are never told how much of the plan was Bane's idea and how much of it was Talia's. It is obvious however that Bane had to operate with a huge degree of independence from Talia and that the execution of most of it was on his shoulders. So even if he was still a henchman, he was infinitely superior to the other Bane and possibly one of the best henchmen ever because he simply eclipses Talia.