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    Default Comics and book shelves - does it work?

    I store all of my various tpb's on a few large book shelves in our home however as of late I have been trying to reduce the space all the single issues and the boxes take up. All the single issues are bagged and boarded and I took a few out to see how they would work being placed up on the shelf standing alongside the TPB's. This does seem to save a lot of room however I was wondering what are the negatives to storing them this way?

    My biggest concern at the moment would be a lot more lighting in the room might effect them quicker than obviously sitting in a box however when I put quite a few up all that is really exposed is the spine of each one and thin books you barely notice.

    Does anyone else use this method?

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    I recommend a few things
    1. Give away issues you will not read again. I have 3 nephews and two more on the way and I am pulling together long boxes for each of them.
    2. Bind series that are completed and read better in collections. I did this with starman, preacher, doom patrol, human target, new x-men and a bunch other series. It can get expensive but hey it's my only hobby.
    3. Gather the remaining arcs together that you are keeping and also not binding and put each arc together in a bag with a board. This stands better on a shelf.
    4. Put individual, great issues in a binder specially made for comics. These are on amazon.

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    I keep my comics on shelves. I use magazine boxes like this to hold them upright

    It aught to block out most of the light too
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    In terms of volume, comics are heavier than books. Shelves designed for books will bend and sag under the weight of comics. I've had numerous bookshelves collapse under the weight.
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