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    Default All New X-men Vol.1 Digital Copy giveaway

    Hi there,

    I have a code for a digital copy of All New X-men: Vol 1:

    If you'd like a chance at winning it, just write a haiku about any x-man. I'll pick a winner based on my favorite one and pm them. Giveaway will be decided at 9:00PM EST on Thursday.

    (Note: The code must be redeemed on an iOS or Android device)

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    Huh, did not know that Marvel NOW! TPBs came with digital codes. That's kind of cool.

    May as well give it a shot I reckon, have wanted to check the series out beyond issue two:

    Don't call him Mutant
    No, He is Alex Summers
    An Uncanny tool

    Second one that just came to Mind:

    Soar, Cast, Stab, Flutter
    Tidy Spells, Wings of Butter
    Who? Pixie from Wales
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