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    Default REVIEW: Uncanny Avengers, #6

    "Uncanny Avengers" #6 heads back in time for Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna to present an early meeting between Apocalypse and Thor.

    Full review here.

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    Overall, the Review by CBR is decent, My favorite part is this about what the book is about that the reviewer hits right:

    "Personally, when the series was announced, I was expecting something much more along the lines of issue #5 (which felt like a classic team book) but "Uncanny Avengers" #6 is perhaps a better example of what the series should be like: unusual yet engaging, bold but not unwieldy. It doesn't tick all the boxes, but a few more issues like this and the series could still regain the momentum it managed to lose over its first arc. If you jumped off any time in the last few months, it's worth coming back for a re-appraisal."

    Good Points their and really hits to the point that the series is gain good footing.
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