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    Default REVIEW: Age of Ultron, #5

    "Age of Ultron" #5 is full of talking with intermittent doses of action from Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch.

    Full review here.

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    There are a few anomalies in this story, like Rulk losing his Ultron Drone he was carrying in the jungle, the Iron Man suit being Mark 11 instead of 1V, Rulk murdering Taskmaster, the mention of an Ultron virus, yet we haven't seen evidence of its use yet, the use of tech Quinjet to get Cage to Savage Land yet, he wasn't followed or blown up by Ultron. I'm sure there is going to be a twist around that in the Future part of AU, with a traitor being revealed. It could be that Rulk, Tasky and Panther were onto Utron, and by getting one of his drones, Panther could corrupt its tech. But if Rulk was already infected with a virus, he would make sure the heroes never got a hold of the Ultron drone, or, told them about the skeletons inside, and that's why Rulk made sure to dispose of Tasky and Panther, and ditched the Ultron drone he was carrying.

    I love how Cap made use of Invisible woman to do reconnaissance on the cave leading to Furys bunker. Reed would never do that. It makes Sue the perfect spy, so she should be a partner to Black Widow, just like the Ant -Man.

    The reviewer did point out that this group, though they have met, have never been thrown together like this before. If they wanted to make another Avengers book, they could make it with these disparate characters, who could be called the Apocalyptic Avengers. They survived the AU apocalypse for some reason. After this event, they will have a unique bond between them. They saved the world.
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    This is probably the best issue of the miniseries, but that's damning with the faintest praise possible. The art is still ugly (Hitch draws Logan to look like Bela Lugosi in a couple of panels; bodies are awkwardly posed), the plot haphazard at best. I'll finish it for various reasons but it is probably going down as one of the worst minis in Marvel history.


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