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    Default Restyled Zodiac team, would it work...?

    I am an old scholl kinda guy sometimes. I always liked the idea of the horoscope villain team Zodiac. They had several incarnations, off which almost all have died somehow.

    Though I believe a really good restyled Zodiac Squad could still work as a great villain team. Maybe have some combination of new and known villains.

    What do you think....?
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    We have a new King...!

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    There has been 11 incarnations to date...
    Zodiac I (Great Wheel)
    Zodiac II (Cartel)
    Zodiac III (One-Man Zodiac)
    Zodiac IV (Mister Zodiac)
    Zodiac V (LMD)
    Zodiac VI (First Sign)
    Zodiac VII (Ecliptic's)
    Zodiac VIII (World Trust)
    Zodiac IX (United Nations)
    Zodiac X (Baal Abib)
    Zodiac XI (Thanos')
    Favorites being the Ecliptic, Baal Abib and Thanos Zodiacs. I want to see a new heroic version of the China Force/Chinese Zodiac.
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