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    Default Saint Seiya (original) main cast vs Saint Seiya Omega main cast

    Both casts at the end of their respective first (Ares and Mars/Medea/Abzu) story arcs. The Omega cast doesn't get Eden on their team.
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    - Both from Marvel Year in Review 1993

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    The original cast hadn't quite gotten a good handle on their seventh sense at the end of their first arc.

    Compare that to the Omega cast, especially Kouga and Yuuna.

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    You aren't allowing Eden so I assume you also aren't allowing the Ariathena Kouga that punched Abzu out, destroyed his world/dimension/whatever, cleansed Athena and her Saints from their Darkness wounds with a rain of Light that spanned two planets, and nullified the Earth to Mars Cosmo energy channelling pillar that 4 Gold Saints were barely able to stabilize working together.

    The problem with a fight like this is the first Omega arc wasn't just a Sanctuary retread, but also had elements of other arcs with actual enemy Gods in it. So the obstacles they had to face in a day+ were higher, like hilariously so. That's why you have things like Yuna overpowering her Cancer Saint without need of the Gold Cloth abandoning him to help things, and Ryuho mastering a technique Shiryu didn't acquire until the tail end of the Hades arc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Melbourne Mew Mew View Post
    Ares and Mars
    Mars had almost nothing in common with what little is known about Saint Seiya Ares beyond the God of War moniker. Might as well, at least when it comes to Hypermyth Ares, who for a God and compared to his Berserker soldiers came across like a figurehead weakling and coward (maybe that's par for the course for original Greek Myth Ares) and an obsolete threat to boot, since the creation of the Libra Weapons was the turning point for that War.


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