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    Default WC13: Hernandez Brings "The Elite Saga" to "Fathom"

    Vince Hernandez discusses Aspen's "The Elite Saga," which culminates 15 years of "Fathom" to tie up loose ends and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the character to lead in to "All-New Fathom" #1 this summer.

    Full article here.

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    I was just finishing high school when this book started and I was the only one in my group of 'comic run' guys who just didn't see the major appeal of Turner's art at the time, so it took me until about a month ago to finally read the first issue, which I got in that "Collected Edition" format that eventually collected volume 1 up until the Tomb Raider/Witchblade crossover in, I think, 10-12. Anyways, I was amazed at how (actually) really really good and interesting that first issue was! I jumped ahead and read the earlier-mentioned crossover issues (I was on a weird Top Cow crossover kick) and really dug those as well. Turner was a great talent, but the co-writer and colorist really deserve a TON of recognition for helping to build up a really impressive comic. I'm planning to track down the rest of the Collected Editions (I occasionally find them cheap here and there) to have, at least, the first volume. Can anyone tell me if the quality keeps up? I enjoy the work of everyone they mentioned in the article, so I have higher hopes! I may pick this event up on a lark, provided that month isn't too overwhelming. If nothing else, Aspen deserves support for their longevity.


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