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    Can't say I'm surprised. Glad to be giving this a miss. Got burnt by Bendis SO many times in the past - he ALWAYS disappoints. I'll never buy another Bendis book.

    Bendis is the ABSOLUTE WORST writer to ever put on an Event comic. His comics are always the OPPOSITE of exciting and action packed - exactly whats needed for an event book.

    I'm not saying the guy is a bad writer, but his style suits the downbeat, street-level antics of characters akin to Daredevil. He's good with heroes, but terrible with SUPER-heroes.

    Hope and pray Marvel abandon this decompressed era so that I can return to buying their comics.

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    Didn't really care for the issue or the reveal. There has been no action or excitement so far in three issues. The best part of the entire series so far was Taskmaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeBodyAtCBR View Post
    Don't trust IGN. For anything. You'll thank me later. Source: 25-Year old video gamer with 13 years of Internet experience.
    Not even that. IGN's reputation as incompetent sellouts precedes them. I've never trusted an IGN videogame review, let alone a review for anything else (which I only found out they did about a year ago).
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