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    Default Women In Comics: Stevenson & Corsetto on Webcomics and the Future

    CBR's Women In Comics Month concludes with webcomic creators Danielle Corsetto and Noelle Stevenson telling CBR News about online sexism and the future of women in comics.

    Full article here.

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    "Nimona" is a lot of fun.

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    I've been reading Girls with Slingshots from pretty near its inception. Danielle Corsetto is extermely talented at strip comics. She has hysterically funny, writes great characters, and plots out her stories well. The only thing that I find jarring is that she will put stuff out there with which people may not be comfortable. It is always well handled and intriguing, but it is also different from most people's experiences. A couple of examples are the time Hazel's boyfriend admitted to having had sex with several hundred women because he was a sort of gigolo for the elderly, disabled and others that are otherwise lonely. Then Jamie is in a romantic relationship with an asexual girl so Jamie goes out to get laid with her girlfriend's blessing. While there is nothing morally wrong with either issue, the actions are so out there to me that it seems startling. I suppose that she introduces people to things that are outside the norm to make sure we see the humanity in everyone. She never writes exploitive or cruel scenarios. I hope some people from this website try her strip out. She is just enormously entertaining and original.
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    Oh neat, I really like GWS and Nimona.

    I even own the original "Happy as a Clam" GWS strip.


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