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    Default **nods to HulkSmash666** Molten Man vs. Kimura

    Which ultra-durable Marvel character would beat the other?
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    In addition to having the worst life ever, having everyone he meets get brutally raped and/or killed, and being constantly hunted by demons, Guts also has the world's ugliest baby.

    Congrats Guts, your life sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nervmeister View Post
    Which ultra-durable Marvel character would beat the other?
    I don't think either could hurt the other. MM definitely can't hurt Kimura if X can't cut her under any circumstances and giant buildings falling on her don't do anything. And Kimura isn't stronger than Peter, and MM mostly no-sells Pete's shots. Kimura might have access to gear that can cut him, but that would take prep. In the end, Kimura is a MUCH better fighter, being good enough to beat X-23 in HtH and not get hit a couple of times (not that the hits would matter), so she might win by just pounding on MM effectively forever, or she might be able to force a 10-count somehow.


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