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The kids can be part Breakfast Club, part morning Glories, part Welcome Back, Kotter. Basically there are many youth oriented setups that can fit here. I hope they bond, but I also hope some real relationships happen between the groups. Maybe Artie, a Moloid and an Atlantean find something in common. It makes sense for the groups to be hanging with themselves, but some kind of integration would add to the educational experience.

As far as the big Scott/Doom plot is, I'd like to see most of the heroics on a much smaller scale, if only to keep the kids active. I love the way their weirdness and their typical kid behavior combines. The Atlantean parents showing up was good in that we can see where the kids came from and why they act as they do (at least I hope). I also hope that Fraction and Allred don't forget that these kids came up with the best cure for Ben so far. They're more than capable of playing a big part of this book.
i don't think Fraction has forgotten. the kids are already integral to the "erase Doom" plot. Scott, as crazy as he's acting, wouldn't have put the question out there if he didn't recognize these kids as a bunch of brains.

on another note, i'm glad to see the Atlantean kids parents. they were the characters i, initially, felt to be poor fits. they were just a little too "alien" (for a lack of a better term). but they have been fleshed out a bit more. they have some problem solving ability, at least.