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    Default First Contact The Movie (Finally completed)

    Here it is, after working on this project every day for a full year, I have finally completed it. There's been a lot of blood, sweat, tears and a wife who hasn't had much attention for a while. Anyhow here is my 2012-2013 Project that has a full cast of Voice actors & hopefully something that many people will enjoy. Just to note that there is use of the S word twice and a stripper doing some pole dancing (3D character) So just in case this may cause an issue if viewing at work. I thought I would give you the heads up. Anyhow, Behold "First Contact The Movie."

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    Congratulations. I only had time to scan through it, but it looks pretty good for a "homemade" movie. I like the ship designs.
    I'll watch the whole thing when i get the time.


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