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    Default Murphy Reflects On "Punk Rock Jesus," Looks Toward The Future

    Writer/artist Sean Murphy spoke with CBR News about the next stage of his career as the collection of his acclaimed "Punk Rock Jesus" is set to hit stores and he launches "The Wake" with writer Scott Snyder.

    Full article here.

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    To be honest, I'm afraid to ever try writing again
    He better...
    My wife is actually trying to convince me not to do it
    She better not...

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    One of the best books of the year. Likely my single favorite artist right now. I remember picking issue 1 up in the store and just standing in appreciation more then any other book on the shelf.

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    While I feel that the writing on Punk Rock Jesus wasn't without flaw (it relied a little to heavily on strawmen 'villains'. Demonizing religion, corporations, and reality TV without much real depth). It shear force of energy and rawness really rose it above any writing gripes I had. As a series it was something spectacular to behold. Also a really good value, with each issue 32 pages in length. Black and white artwork FOREVER! More comics should strive to be like this. Looking forward to The Wake, and whatever else Murphy has planned in the future.

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    It's one of the best comic books from a decade. I was, and still I am stunt by this B&W book. the art is sharp, fast. The story, despite being with some minor flaws is really good.
    And at $3.00 the 32 B&W pages comic book, it was a very bargain price.

    Vertigo!!! Do you hear me??? I want MORE!!!!!!! Same price, same quality of B&W comic book, same length and it will be OK for you for years to come!!!!!
    2000 AD of course!!!
    All Hail The Mighty Tharg


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