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    Quote Originally Posted by Avengeroffl View Post
    Is Amanda Waller into everything in the DC universe? It appears so.
    I'm all for it, Waller rocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by batGRRRl4ever View Post
    The main difference, to which I hope Marx show us more of, is that pre-reboot the info for BOP's mission's was sifted through computer hacking and internet surfing, but now it seems that intelligence agency networking through both Dinah and Ev seem to be the key. And of course since Amanda Waller now has Starling on a proverbial leash, it seems like covertly SHE may be setting the Bird's agenda FOR them at times by using Ev as her voice, for her own purposes/agendas.
    However they get their information is fine by me as long as we seem them picking their targets and acting intentionally.
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    Just read the issue today, and what a refreshing difference. Nothing really stood out writing wise, but the characters seemed much more like real people interacting on a team. And it is screamingly obvious that Starling is to be revealed as a traitor next issue, I'm guessing this book is going to get cancelled around next Sept. when the Trinity War stuff starts. Too bad, I guess at times it's just to late to try to reverse a death spiral on a book in terms of publishing expectations and the like.
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