View Poll Results: If FF #243 were written today, would the heroes still act to save the Big G?

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  • No. They would try to kill him by fail due to outside interference

    2 12.50%
  • They would argue about it but an outside power would interevene before they decided.

    2 12.50%
  • Yes and No. Some would try to kill him secretely but fail.

    4 25.00%
  • Yes. They would still save him.

    8 50.00%
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    When you come right down to it Galactus is us. The only difference between someone slaughtering a cow to eat and Galactus consuming a planet is the scale. I was amazed at the hypocrisy of Lilandra when she threatened the FF for saving him, after all how many planets has her people devastated for political or empirical gain.

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    The Council of Reeds was cool with killing Galactii, curiously. You'd think they'd be aware of the vital-to-the-universe's-function thing, if any mortals could be.

    seems like it's being ignored these days, maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed2962 View Post
    Also, I can't remember if was this issue or one of the later ones, but it was established that Galactus isn't a giant dude, he's actually a sentient force of nature. Saving him was justified cuz if he died it would throw the universe out of whack.
    This is why I voted that they would try to save him.

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    It's a toss-up between whether they'll remember killing him will hurt the universe (so save him) or if it'll be randomly retconned/forgotten (so kill him, cuz superheroes aren't strictly anti-killing anymore). Either way half will make the wrong decision but none will care about it. Cue 10 years of fan outrage.

    Unless it isn't an event. Then they'll probably still save him cuz they can't impact other books that much...


    but seriously they'd probably still save him.
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    The smart ones would save him.
    The rest might not.

    And I'm not sure the Council of Reeds really cared about their respective universes.
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    If they know about Abraxas....

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    He is too popular to die, so yes.

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    I wish Marvel would stop writing Galactus into their stories so much. The universe is supposed to be infinite but they write it like he's always drawn to Earth. Maybe a better scenario would be should they let some closer villain, like Apocalypse or Magneto die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brettc1 View Post
    I expect quite a few folks remember this issue of Fantastic Four from the John Byrne run...

    It ends with the heroes truimphant and Galactus so drained of energy and shocked by Dr Strange confronting him with the ghosts of his billions of victims that he is rendered comatose. Reed then announces that because he is a sentient being "We have to save Galactus."

    Which of course they did.

    My question is, do folks still think, given what is happening in New Avengers at the moment, that the heroes would still do that. Reed and Dr Strange are both members of the Illuminati who are contmeplating blowing up plantes full of people to save Earth.

    Do we still HAVE to save Galactus?
    Good point. It makes the Illuminati like Galactus, if they blow up a planet. So you have the image of Galactus coming back to Earth, and facing the Illuminati with actions they themselves do, and asking why Galactus is doing something wrong? If the Illuminati destroy another Earth, Galactus has a right to eat this Earth 616.
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